The Point of Sale



While respecting the rules of a strictly artisan production, the Cannolificio Mongibello has constantly evolved, to move with the times, acquiring methodologies and technologies that can quickly respond to the needs of a growing market.

Currently the company has developed production lines capable of meet on time the requirements of formats and quantities of different customer groups:, large retailers and importers.

The modern factory that now houses the company took office in Belper – Catania – one of the most charming of Mount Etna, easily accessible from the highways of the main capitals of Sicily, a stone's throw from the airport, railway junctions and island connections. Inside the seat there is an area intended for shop operators in the sector, for the sale of confectionery products Cannolificio Mongibello.

The productions are guaranteed by the HACCP system, certifying their quality already established in accordance with Italian regulations and EC.

The factory

Lo stabilimento