Pralines bulk rum

Pralines bulk rum

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sugar; flour wheat tender type "00"; codette 18% (sugar, powdered milk, cocoa paste, burro cacao, emulsifier lecithin, aroma); refined lard; vegetable margarine [(oils and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat : fat :(palma), was (girasole), water, emulsifiers ( E 471), acidity regulator (E 330), aromas)]; eggs pasteurized; pasta hazelnut ( hazelnuts toasted, emulsifier: mono and diglicridi of fatty acids); unsweetened cocoa powder; rum 4% (the quantity of rum is determined at the time of the dough); butter; wine; sale; leavening agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, disosfato disodico, carbohydrates, aromas, E 551, E 160 a; invert sugar, fondant and glucose syrup; miele.
It may contain traces of sesame.

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