2 packs of Mongibello cat languages

500 g mascarpone

4 eggs

200 g sugar

500 strawberry

400 ml water

1 tablespoon rum

The zest of one lemon

Wash and clean the strawberries, frullatene 300 gr and transferred to the puree in a saucepan with 100 g of sugar and water.

Cook over low heat for 35 minutes, turn off the heat and add the rum. Cook for another 15 minutes and allow to cool.

For the cream Beat the egg yolks of eggs with 100 g of sugar and the grated rind of one lemon. Add the mascarpone and finally the egg whites until stiff.

Dice the remaining strawberries and set them aside.

In a roasting pan smear the bottom with some cream cup mascarpone, dunking one by one the cat Languages ​​Mongibello in wet strawberry and make alternating layers of cream with cookies.

Finally, arrange the diced strawberries on the cake and place in refrigerator a few hours before serving the cake.