Cannoli and Chiacchere

The cannoli is one of the most famous Sicilian sweets in the world. In addition to the traditional version with ricotta, over the years it has become popular cannoli with chocolate and cream; anyhow, anyway, much of the goodness of cannoli comes from the quality of the wafer must be sweet and crisp on the palate. Le cialde per cannoli siciliani della ditta Cannolificio Mongibello sono prodotte in cinque formati: maxi, great, normale, mignon e supermignon. Alla linea tradizionale, da qualche anno, si è aggiunta la cialda ricoperta all’interno di cioccolato.
Gossip is typical fried confectionery products for Carnival, result of the most popular Italian confectionery tradition and diffused more or less throughout the peninsula, with different names and variations.
Le chiacchiere del Cannolificio Mongibello sono disponibili in confezioni o in formato sfuso; in both cases the techniques of production and conservation guarantee the freshness and wholesomeness of the product.

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